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Laser Hair Removal

Coping with unsightly hair can be a hassle.  Tweezing, shaving, bleaching and waxing causes hair to grow in stronger and darker than before. It also causes skin irritation and possible permanent damage from these repetitive methods.

At Plastic Surgery Plus, we use the CoolGlide laser hair removal system, a non-invasive laser hair removal employing intense, long-pulsed light through an actively-cooled handpiece, which disables unwanted pigmented hair follicles and impairs new growth. Unsightly hair can be significantly reduced with laser treatment.

At Plastic Surgery Plus, we love offering specials for summer time on laser hair removal – check with our office at 732-683-1033 for the latest laser hair removal package prices.

What to Expect

While the number of treatment varies from person to person, on an average, everyone requires at least three treatments of Laser Hair Removal for best results. Most people do not require more than six treatments, though people with hormonal imbalances or people who normally wax or pluck a lot may require more sessions. There is some sensation during laser hair removal. If you have very thick, dark hair, you may experience more than those with thin hair; thicker, darker hair will absorb more of the laser light during any given treatment. Generally, the hair becomes thinner and less dense after each subsequent treatment.

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