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Head and Neck Reconstruction

Patients with head or neck cancer are sometimes left with deformities after having cancer removal surgeries or other treatment to the area.  Reconstruction of the head or neck is then needed to correct the deformity.  These surgeries are meant to to preserve or restore both the appearance and function of the involved area.  

A very common reconstructive procedure of the face is a MOHS closure.  After being diagnosed with skin cancer, some patients choose to have a MOHS surgery performed by a dermatologist.  This procedure often leaves an open wound, or hole, that needs to be surgically closed.  Dr. Bhattacharya can reconstruct the area to close the open wound.  It is best to consult with a plastic surgeon between one and three days after having your MOHS surgery so that you are not left with an open wound for a long period of time.  

Patients always have the option to have a skin cancer tumor removed by Dr. Bhattacharya instead of having a MOHS procedure.

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